General Library of high quality Maps Concrete Texture Paint - Sơn bê tông conpa

MAP Concrete Texture Paint by Conpa Paint Vietnam is the best gift for graphic designers and architects who love concrete texture paint’s colors, polished concrete, or raw cement. In this article, we would be delighted to give you this collection. We believe that MAP Beton Texture will be a fantastic asset to your projects.

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Here, you can watch and check out some stunning color boards of our paints. Conpa Paint Viet Nam would love to show you around and give you some detailed descriptions, so you can learn more about them.

General Library of high quality Maps Concrete Texture Paint

Bright color tones of concrete texture paint

Bright color tones are the most popular choice in design and construction because they have a variety of effects and are easy for us to creatively make our spaces more attractive. These light-toned concrete texture paints help us enlarge our rooms, so you will feel a sense of openness and freshness.

mau 2 op2
Bright tones of concrete texture paint

In addition, these tones generate a feeling of softness and refinement in a place. Due to that, they allow us to apply many styles, from modern to vintage to even minimalist. Light tones harmonize and highlight interior design.

For example, color code SSC19 is a high-contrast sandstone color that belongs to the glorious yellow color palette, giving us a warm, dynamic, and eye-catching sensation. Inspired by sandstone slabs that have suffered from erosion and had signs of time, the veins created by these paints create a distinctive and impressive look.

Sand Stone Contrast SSC19 Conpa design concrete paint
Sand Stone Contrast SSC19 – Conpa design concrete paint
SSC19 color code

A gentle beige color brings us an elegant and luxurious atmosphere. Your space will be more peaceful and calm, similar to the scenery of the fine sand grains on the beach.

Light beige LB05 Conpa design concrete paint
Light beige LB05 – Design concrete paint
LB05 concrete texture paint

If you want your space to have an impressive and unique visual appeal, you should try to use rust-effect paint. Originating from rusted metal panels, it would transform your modern space into a timeless beauty.

conpa riret 7
R04FF color code

Dark color tones of concrete texture paint

If you enjoy a mysterious and deluxe setting, maybe dark color tones are the best options for you. Because of its subtle patterns and effects, this color palette is highly applied for civil projects.

mau 4 op2
Dark tones of concrete texture paint

Dark concrete texture paints are the choices for the beauties of your spaces due to not only their vibes but also their capabilities of creating contrast. With a unique combination with colors and materials, your spaces will make you feel vibrant and lively.

Also, dark tones of concrete texture paints are beloved as they can suit many styles, from modern to classic and from minimalism to luxury. As a result, they are gradually becoming one of the most popular tones for decorating interiors and designing.

Conpa would love to recommend you the color code VRE10, which is one of the most beloved dark tones. It creates volcanic rock effects with a characteristic gray-brown color. With the ability to change its color under the light, its color ranges from dark gray to reddish brown, so it can resurface with the rough and harsh texture of each layer of stone.

mau 2 op2 1
VRE10 color code

You can easily see this tone in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and other commercial areas.

Another color code Conpa would like to suggest is SB20. Since it belongs to dark tones, its color is dark navy blue which has the beauty of the deep ocean. Worn like something from the blue sea, Conpa believes it will draw the attention of everyone who beholds this color.

Statement Blue SB 20 Conpa paint scaled
Statement Blue SB 20 – Conpa paint
SB20 color code

OS is a paint color which has a present-day and enigmatic charm. This color code gives us a rich, sophisticated and super masculine vibe.

Dark grey effect OS13 Design concrete paint 1
Dark grey effect OS13 – Design concrete paint
OS13 color code

Neutral color tones of concrete texture paint

If you want to turn your space into delicate, gentle and profound pictures, let’s employ neutral color tones. It is not only a decoration but also an art to make your spaces more lively and rich. They are the ideal fusion of modernism and simplicity.

Neutral tones of concrete texture paint

This color palette consists of exquisite grays, warm browns, and subtle beiges. These colors not only make the space impressive but also bring a deep and cozy feeling to the people living in it.

Oldlace is ivory white, mixed with a little gray to create modern effects for your spaces. It looks like soft, silky strips and fills the spaces with coziness and luxury.

mau 3 op2
OL52 color code

Color code CS 27C – warm earthy color tone gives us a sense of simplicity, rustic charm, and connection with the natural world. This tone is easy to coordinate with other colors, and can also work well as a highlight tone for both interior and exterior spaces.

OLDLACE OL 52 scaled
OL52 color code

DG07- This strong dark gray color represents a contemporary and opulent appearance. DG07 is very popular in restaurants, hotels, and commercial buildings.

Dark grey DG07 Design concrete paint
Dark grey DG07 – Design concrete paint
DG07 color code

Pastel color tones of concrete texture paint

Pastel color tones of Conpa concrete texture paint are described as being as light as a cloud and delicate as dew. These colors bring a new breeze to your space. Unlike the familiar neutral tones, this is a symphony filled with romance and sweetness. It would make your house more daydreamy and lovely.

mau 3 op2
Pastel tones of concrete texture paint

Conpa will show you around to explore more interesting colors. Maybe these colors are the ones that suit your spaces.

Associated with nature and elegance, olive green creates balance and energy for your rooms. You will get a feeling of freshness when entering an olive green-decorated space, as if a spring wind has just blown through. The space becomes more vivid, like a living picture with natural tones.

OLIVE GREEN OG 45 scaled
OG45 color code

SBS 49 is a combination of two distinct color tones: smoky blue and silver gray. The blue one reminds us of a cool, deep, and nostalgic sunset. Another one is the color of metal, which gives us a vibe of luxury.

SBS49 color code

If you want your space to have a lady vibe, you should choose LSC 04L, which is a soft sweet coral tone. Feminine and sweet are the words we use to describe color tone. It is very suitable for coffee spaces or bedrooms for women and girls.

LSC04L color code

Personalized color tones of concrete texture paint

Human creativity is boundless potential that can do unexpected things. In addition to monochromatic tones, concrete texture paint also has many unique colors that may be produced by the bold combination of colors and your personal tastes.

mau 1 op2
Personalized tones of concrete texture paint

Each color has its own meanings and stories. Follow Conpa to explore some masterpieces made with these colors.

As a symbol of blue waves, GW 31C carries the soul of the sea against a solid gray backdrop that shows full of energy. This color code is great for highlighting the living area and inspiring innovation and creativity.

Green Wave GW 31C Conpa scaled
Green Wave GW 31C – Conpa
GW31C color code

Combined with the colors of rain and nostalgia, Rain AW28 evokes grace and nostalgia while carrying the spirit of art.

mau 1 op2
R AW28 color code

Burnt Red Brick is a unique color mixed between neutral gray concrete and brilliant bright red. It gives us a sense of refinement, sophistication, and prestige. Due to its vibe, BRB is usually chosen for designing vintage, retro, or modern styles.

Burnt Red Brick BRB35 Conpa scaled
Burnt Red Brick BRB35 – Conpa
BRB 35 color code

Conpa Paint Viet Nam has introduced to you some beautiful color tones of concrete texture paint. We hope that this library will be useful in your design and construction work.


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